Poway, California


Hallmark Circuits, Inc.


Professional Services: 1997

Construction: 1997-1998

Project Cost

$15 million

Project Size

72,500 sf


Masterplanning, Architecture, Space Planning, Interior Design, City Entitlements, Construction Documentation, and Construction Administration


The first phase of this 72,500 sf Headquarters / Manufacturing Building was completed within an 11 acre Master Plan. The internal components consist of: An automated circuit board wet processing manufacturing floor, complete with an extensive network of concrete pipe chases that gravity flow chemical to an internal chemical treatment plant 20′ deep in a concrete liquid tight containment vault; Concrete coated with a chemical resistant membrane; Class 10,000 clean rooms with tight temperature and humidity control parameters that provide a consistent environment for optical imaging; Drill lam machining areas that use isolated concrete slabs for vibration isolation to the automated machining equipment; And a two story skylit lobby along with the high volume ceiling for the office, training and lunch areas. The exterior concrete tilt up structure was designed with smaller panels to allow for panel racking due to the anticipation of differential settlement caused by deep canyon fills under the building. The analogy of how a moldable, flexible small mosaic ceramic tile is to take on variable shapes versus a larger rigid tile that can only assume large rectilinear shapes can be used to explain this panel racking concept. The simple clean, crisp reveal patterns combined with the strength of the round concrete columns lends to a look that will stand the test of time.