Victoria Corporate Center

Victoria Corporate Center
Ventura, California
Fowler Property Acquisitions
Professional Services: 2008
Construction: TBD
Project Cost
Project Size
Buildings:  234,200 sf
Site:        19.5 acres
Masterplanning, Architecture, City Entitlements, and Site Design

Project Info.
This 234,200-sf seven-building industrial complex was designed to accommodate large users and smaller for-sale units. The lively façade uses glass, stone accents, paint colors and a variety of canopies to identify the gateway project to southern Ventura. PCA produced multiple master test-fit plans with broker and developer input to produce comprehensive documentation for City of Ventura planning-department approval. The building types and uses were ultimately derived from owner financial maximization. PCA worked directly with city-approval agencies on an ongoing basis to expedite the masterplanning process.