VA Evansville

VA Satellite Outpatient Clinic
Evansville, Indiana
Western Devcon
Design Services: 2008-2009
Construction: N/A
Project Cost
$40 million
Project Size
121,180 sf
Masterplanning, Architecture, Space Planning, Interior Design,

Project Info.
PCA designed the Evansville Outpatient Clinic to provide ongoing quality care to area Veterans. With emphasis on reflecting the community, the PCA design team incorporated design details including local stone veneer as a major part of the exterior that also carries to the interior spaces and atrium. The ability of the Evansville Outpatient Clinic to operate at peak efficiency—both in terms of service to patients and energy useage—is at the forefront of PCA’s quality design. Attaining a LEED Gold certification, the facility includes energy-efficient lighting and HVAC to provide optimum and stable interior environmental conditions, as well as landscape features including accessible pathways and a “healing garden.” These standards promote the health and well-being of patients and provide enhanced working conditions for staff members.